Protective Sleeves

LoVen knows that even the strongest products need a little help sometimes.
This is why, we have an extensive range of standard moulds, for the production of protective sleeves.
We have many sizes of square and rectangular vinyl protective sleeves.
Our sleeves are available in our stock colors blue, white, red, green, yellow, black and grey.

Customised Protective Sleeves

We also produce protective sleeves, in your specified colour exactly and also deliver products in a wide range of materials. If required, we develop a specific material that completely fulfils your requirements.
If you would like to have your logo or user instructions on the protective sleeves, we can also offer our in-house printing service (tampon printing).

Advantages of LoVen’s Protective Sleeves

dc85xkGBi Excellent fit
dc85xkGBi Extremely durable
dc85xkGBi Tear resistant, Even when slid over studding
dc85xkGBi Multiple colours in a single product is possible
dc85xkGBi UV-resistance
dc85xkGBi Smooth and low-friction surface
dc85xkGBi Excellent moisture protection

Learn more about dip moulding

Examples of our Protective Sleeves

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